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Dawn has been fantastic, her counselling sessions have helped me dramatically. When I first started working with her, I was in a low place and was struggling with many situations. Dawn provided me with her time, comfort, support and progressive ways for me to be able to move forward – allowing me to make improvements and changes in my life that have really helped me mentally and physically. Dawn's approach to counselling is something I am very pleased with. I have always felt I can be open, honest and myself around her, which is something I originally struggled with doing (opening up!). Dawn's calm and non-judgemental attitude is an approach I require – and continue to currently need with our sessions together. I have since gained confidence, harmony and a new perspective on life. Dawn, I can't say thank you enough for our sessions together. – L

It can always be difficult to open up to someone you don't know but Dawn instantly made me feel at ease. She provided me with a warm, welcoming, safe space to work through some difficulties at my own pace. She is extremely professional, but very friendly, and I regularly left in higher spirits. I highly recommend. – E

When Dawn and I worked together she really listened to me and worked in the way that I needed. I felt very safe with Dawn and very heard. She offered me a space to be however I needed to be, and to offload. The biggest thing for me was feeling that Dawn gave me her attention, that she listened, that she understood, and that she valued me. Dawn was a real help to me at a time I really needed it. I'm doing a lot better now! G

Dawn supported me through a very challenging and complex time of my life. She gave me the space and confidence to explore and understand the challenges I was facing personally and as a couple with our fertility issues, my pregnancy and also post birth. The support she gave through listening, being invested in my well-being and offering exercises to help channel my thinking and emotions really made a huge difference to my life when I needed it most. –  J

When I contacted Dawn I was feeling quite anxious and depressed with COVID and lockdown, as well as a job which I hated. Dawn's a great listener, and gave me some great support to stop me being so hard on myself. I only had a few sessions, but it's all it needed to help me gain the confidence to be patient with horrible situations. I'm now in a job I love, and life is looking on the up. She is also a down to earth straight-talking person which is what I needed. Thank you Dawn. – LL

When I came to see Dawn, I was struggling with several different issues in my personal life. Dawn listened, and without judgement helped me to talk through these issues. Through talking about my unhealthy relationships, I was able to work through my issues and start to work out solutions. I am now in a better place and know what I want from my future relationships. Thank you Dawn!’– E

I would like to say ‘Dawn made me at ease and helped me greatly through a very difficult time in my life. Talking through your problems with someone who​ is there just to listen to you makes your problems feel less worrisome. Thank you Dawn for ‘lightening my load’ – JJ